Can I still sign up for The Midnight Organ Flight?

Sadly we had to close the list. Several hundred people have successfully signed up and by now the journey will take already up to 2 years. If you want to be on the waiting list email us at [email protected] with your country of residence included in your subject line. We cannot promise, but we’ll try to get you onboard at some point.

Am I on the passenger list?

If you have made the £5 sign up donation & provided us with your postal address, you are on the list. If you are still unsure email us at [email protected] with your country of residence included in your subject line and we will check for you.

What do I do if my postal or email address is changing?

Please email us your updated information to [email protected].com with your country of residence included in your subject line. We will be in touch and sort it out together with you.

I am a passenger on the flight. How is it all working, what do I need to do?

Don’t worry. A few weeks before the record comes to you, we will be in touch and send you emails with all information you need. If you then still have questions or problems, you can email us, and we will do our best to help.

I sadly have to cancel my flight. What do I need to do?

That is sad news. Please send us an email to [email protected] with your country of residence included in your subject line. We will see if we can find a solution for you and if not, we will take you off the list.

When will the record come to me?

That is hard to say. We have hundreds of people signed up and are sending 4 copies of the album on their travels (1 US EAST, 1 WEST, 1 UK, 1 EU & ROW). We will inform you a couple of weeks ahead of the arrival of the record at your address and will check back with you if you are ready. We expect the project to take about 2 years in total. That also means if you do not hear from us for quite a long time that does not mean anything is wrong. If you are worried that you are not on the list while you should be, you can email us at [email protected] with your country of residence included in your subject line and we will check for you.

How do I send the record on?

Once you reply to the boarding email & have confirmed your participation we will send you further instructions including the address of the Frabbit that will receive the record from you. Please handle the record with care and pack sufficiently. Vinyl is fragile and the MOF vinyl is hard to replace. We ask you to send the record TRACKED & TO SIGN FOR with a provider of your choice. We are aware that this is not cheap, but we need to make sure the traveling copies of the record do not get lost.

If your next Frabbit lives close, consider contacting the person, meet up and hand the record over, just make sure you both feel comfortable doing this.

I do not have a record player. Is that a problem?

No, we are sending a vinyl and a CD. In the worst case you can also record your video with using any other music source (streaming etc) as long as the song you choose is one from The Midnight Organ Fight. No cover versions will be published or tracks not on the album.

How long can the record stay with me?

Please do not keep the record for longer than one week. We will inform you weeks ahead about the arrival of the record to allow you to prepare. The list of people waiting is long and we need all passengers to make sure they do not overstay.

Can I choose any song from Midnight Organ Flight for my video?

Yes, it is totally up to you, which song you choose. They are all amazing.

Any rules for the video?

Not really. You can do it alone or with friends. You can film at home or at a place important to you. Be creative! Just be aware that we will share the video publicly on our social media channels.

It would be great if you would include in the intro or outro of the video your name (first name) and location (city / country) but it is not mandatory. Please send us also your social media accounts so that we can tag you and also add a note of consent to allow us sharing your content.

Which video formats are allowed?

MPEG4 (.mp4), 3GPP, AVI, FLV, MOV, MPEGPS, WebM and WMV

How do I share the video with you?

Please email us a download link to your video file. You can use for example Dropbox, One Drive or Email attachments won’t work because video files are too big. If you need help with this please email us at [email protected] with your country of residence included in the subject line.

I have no experience with making a video and I am afraid my video will not be good enough. What should I do?

There is no such thing as “not good enough”. None of us are professional film makers. This is not about a technically perfect video but about sharing our love for the music of Frightened Rabbit and honouring Scott. Your heart will be in this and make it MAGICAL! Some of us made our videos already and we are all amateurs with not much experience, and it all worked out anyway. If you’d like us to have a look at it before it’s published just let us know.

I have no opportunity to make a video. Do I need to cancel my flight?

No, we are not excluding anyone. Just let us know if you cannot send a video. Maybe you could make a few photos instead and write a few sentences? We can still share this on our Instagram account!

What happens to my video?

We will share it on our YouTube channel and our social media channels (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Group). Please send us a note of consent with your video allowing us to share and your social media accounts to tag you when we post.

Please do not share your video before we first share via the Midnight Organ Flight social accounts. If you share afterwards, please tag us and use the hashtag #tmoflight

What are your social media accounts?

You find us at:

Instagram: @midnightorganflight

Twitter: @tmoflight

YouTube Channel: The Woodpile

Facebook Group: The Midnight Organ Flight


Email: [email protected]

What is that about a Frabbit Mail gift in the parcel?

In the spirit of our beloved Frabbit Mail we encourage everyone to send something small with the record for the next Frabbit - a nice note, a poem, a drawing, a pretty photo, a wee gift ....

Only rules: be nice and choose something that is flat to fit in the parcel and not bigger than A4 (210 × 297mm or 8.27 × 11.69 inches)

If you receive a gift with the album when it arrives at your place, it would be great if you could send us a picture and your comment so that we can share it on the flight’s social media.

I am not a flight passenger. Can I tag along anyway?

Of course! You can join our Facebook group, follow our social media accounts and share our videos and photos at any time without actively participating. We want as many people as possible to hear about this project and your effort to spread the word would be much appreciated.

Do Frightened Rabbit know about this project?

Yes, the band is aware and supports the project. Please read here what Grant had to say about the flight here.

Is Fat Cat Records aware of this project?

Yes, Fat Cat Records are aware and where so generous to donate the albums to us!

Where does the money go that we donated to sign up?

We’re hoping to have something in NYC as a place for folks to remember Scott, the rest will go to the Scott Hutchison Fund. It is possible that smaller amounts will be used to keep the flight going (in the case of shipping issues etc.) but we try to avoid that and donate all the money. We all donate our time into this project.

Is there any way I can donate directly to the Scott Hutchison Fund?

The charity is still in the process of setting up, but Grant Hutchison created a Justgiving Campaign for people to donate to who want to support the fund and the Hutchison family in their effort to build a mental health charity. You can donate here.

If we’ve missed anything or you need clarification on anything please drop us a line.

And lastly remember to enjoy this all, it’s a celebration & tribute to Scott & all he stood for. Share this & his legacy around the world, remind people that support & love is out there when they need it. Let’s make those tiny changes to earth ❤️

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